Wall Sconce Shelf in Cerulean

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Wall Sconce Shelf in Cerulean is a unique hand built wall mounted sconce shelf sustainably created from 100% recycled cardboard into a material called 'cardcrete'. The cardcrete is developed using cardboard waste, and has a tactile rough texture. Sustainably created, these pieces turn trash into beautiful usable art objects that can be used decoratively in any interior vignette.

The display sconce can hold decorative objects or other artwork.


Dimensions -  width: 220, depth: 200mm, height: 220mm

Care -

  • Painted surface has been wax sealed. To protect the matte finish on the external surface, avoid getting wet and handle with care.
  • Dust external surfaces with a soft, dry, colour free cloth.
  • Must be mounted with a screw anchor.
  • Intended for use with dry decorative objects or simply as a work of art.
  • This piece is one of a kind made by artist Penny Brooshooft.

Packaging - Packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable.

Shipping - Shipping is free within Australia. International shipping is $50.