Chateau Gardens Gallery Wall

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Ready-to-Hang Gallery Wall

Available as an entire collection or as individual artworks*

Chateau Gardens - Collection 002

Inspired by bountiful blooms in gardens and windowsills of quaint French villages, candy coloured bouquets and the tactile qualities of fabric.

Transport yourself to a whimsical destination somewhere in France, where you eat a croissant while you stop to smell the blooms at a corner store, then marvel at the brilliant red of geraniums lining the streets. 'Chateau Gardens' brings these feels to your home everyday!

Artwork Details

Clockwise from left.

“Geraniums on Pink” - This piece draws inspiration from time and place - a holiday to France where huge red geraniums appeared everywhere I looked.  The medium I used is intended to give a chalky, worn appearance, which is reflected in the torn edges of the paper. The acrylic box frame is intended to provide a modern contrast.

Acrylic on fine art watercolour paper, clear acrylic box frame. Artwork dimension 560x760mm, Framed dimensions 820x620x30mm.

“Orchid and Rose Bouquet” - Clashing pink and red make an arresting mix in this work. I wanted the raw texture of the linen canvas to contrast with the candy colours of the flowers. 

Oil on raw linen stretched canvas, unframed. Artwork dimensions 360x460mm.

“Fabric Collage” - I explore reuse and recycling in this work. The structure of this piece is provided by a sheet of reclaimed polystyrene, while the fabric had a previous life as a pair of pants. The geometric shapes are intended to provide modern relief to the floral works. I picked up on some of the colours in the other works; the green in the orchid buds; the mustard in the rose centres; the magenta of the orchid blooms; the beige of the raw linen; the pinks and reds of the roses and geraniums.

Recycled materials; reclaimed polystyrene, paper and fabric, acrylic. Artwork dimensions 510x510mm.


  • *Artworks are available as an entire collection (all 3 artworks), or priced individually. Where individual artworks are purchased, the entire collection will no longer be available.

  • All artworks are original and signed by artist Penny Brooshooft.
  • All artworks are ready to hang.
  • Clear acrylic box frame mounted with hanging fixtures on back.
  • Acrylic is much safer than glass as it is less prone to breakage, and it is also lighter than traditional glass. Because it is acrylic, it can easily scratch and requires special care when cleaning and handling. If cleaning, only use a lint-free microfiber cloth. Avoid using glass cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol, as this can damage the artwork.