Hi! I'm Penny

Eclette is my personal brand and expression of self  I design and hand make eclectic and vibrantly colourful artworks and vessels.


I wasn't always an artist...

After graduating from university in 2010, I pursued a career in Zoology, where I travelled and worked throughout much of Western Australia. Although the natural world and its protection remains a special part of my life, I have always had a consistent passion for art, which lead me to take a leap out of Zoology and venture into a creative career in 2021.

My style in a nutshell...

My art embraces the beauty of imperfection. It's not flawless and accurate, its about capturing texture and raw energy that come from embracing the handmade and looking to the past to tell a story about today. I'm inspired by all things from antiquity and the natural world, which I translate into my wall and vessel art using unconventional materials like recycled paper and cardboard. This gives my work a unique, tactile quality that invites viewers to engage with it beyond just the visual. One thing that remains constant in my practice is COLOUR. I use colour boldly and intensely, designed to evoke emotion and captivation.

My art and design philosophy...

I believe that art adds unmistakable character to a home, and I like to fill my walls with LOTS of art. My favourite way to display art is in the style of a gallery wall - I think it allows for personal expression of my unique eclectic style.

The story of Eclette

Eclette was born from my love of eclectic homes filled to the brim with art - I believe that a house is not a home unless it is full of things that shout individuality and personality!

A core focus of my practice is on sustainability – my background in zoology has led me to find creative ways to reduce and recycle waste and this flows into my art through the evolution of my hand-built vessels and sculptures.

I hand sculpt most of my art from a material I call ‘cardcrete’, a cardboard pulp that uses 100% recycled cardboard and paper. My vessels and wall sculptures create a new life for a waste product.

What Eclette can do for you!

I love to design bespoke vessels and wall artwork - so if you have an idea you want to bring to life, get in touch!

- Penny Brooshooft, Artist