Raffia Reflection

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Raffia Sun Mirror

Tropical Boheme - Collection 001

Inspired by tropical destinations with clear crystal blue waters and lush jewel green surroundings, exotic florals and natural raw elements.

Immerse yourself in a holiday from home with 'Tropical Boheme' - the collection that brings punchy and vibrant colour to your home, evoking a carefree, luscious and fun vibe. 

Artwork Details

“Raffia Reflection” - I wanted to bring a natural element to this collection, and also contrast the square shapes with a more organic, round object; so I hand knotted many strands of raffia and made this mirror.

Raffia, mirror. 450 x 450mm.


  • *Artworks are available as an entire collection (all 6 artworks), see here. Where individual artworks are purchased, the entire collection will no longer be available.
  • Shipping is FREE within Australia.
  • Mirror has been hand knotted by artist Penny Brooshooft.