West Flores Gallery Wall

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West Flores - Collection 006

Inspired by the colours of the West Australian coastline, endemic flora and the union between an Aussie and an Argentinian.

Artwork Details

Clockwise from left.

“Flores” - The seafoam and sky blue colours were inspired by the coastline of the Southwest, while the sienna colour of the floral posy is inspired by the rust colours common on granite boulders along the southwest coast.

Chalk acrylic on watercolour paper, floating acrylic frame.

“Macrocarpa” - The stunning foliage and flowers of Eucalyptus macrocarpa were the subject matter for this work. E. macrocarpa, or Mottlecah is a species of mallee endemic to the southwest.

Oil on raw linen stretched canvas.

“Pink Texture” - To link the other two works together I designed this piece to reference the pinks of the mottlecah flower, and contrast with the blue of Flores. It also brings a textural element to contrast with the contemporary nature of Flores and the traditional nature of Macrocarpa.

Mixed media, custom paint on stretched canvas.


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