Vase of Canola

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Dust Merchant - Collection 007

Inspired by scenes from the Wheatbelt; Canola in bloom, fields of everlastings in yellow, pink and blue hues, delicate gum blossom and dainty springtime orchids.

The Dust Merchant collection was designed to celebrate not only the characteristic aspects of the Wheatbelt (think expansive fields of yellow Canola and paper daisies growing on the roadside), but also to highlight the little known aspects of the Wheatbelt's biodiversity.

Artwork Details

Vase of Canola
– When one thinks of Canola, great expanses of yellow fields come to mind. I wanted to take a closer view of the Canola flower and present it in a fun way – the bright yellow flowers are offset with the pinks and purples of the patterned background, which was also designed to pick up on the colours in the Field of Everlastings artwork.Oil on canvas, unframed. 460 x 360mm.



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