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Ready-to-Hang Gallery Wall

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Natural Oology - Collection 008

Inspired by vintage botanicals, a seventeenth century naturalist and illustrator, majestic and magnificent interpretations of colourful insects and cabinets of curiosities.

Artwork Details

Clockwise from top left.

Vintage Pierre – Taking inspiration from old botanical prints like those of botanical illustrators Pierre Joseph-Redouté, I died the background of this artwork with coffee to give it a natural stained look. I then painted a rose from my garden in the fashion of a vintage botanical.

Mixed media, coffee, oil on board, vintage frame.

Green Eyespot – This delicate watercolour is based off a specimen borrowed from my entomologist neighbour. I chose to paint this work on a handmade cotton rag paper to bring another natural element in to the collection.

Watercolour on handmade cotton rag paper, contemporary frame.

Blue Eyespot – This painting is also based off of a specimen borrowed from my entomologist neighbour. I chose bright colours to link in with the larger Lepidoptera work.

Watercolour on handmade cotton rag paper, contemporary frame.

Elsie's Beetles – This artwork was created by my neighbour, Elsie. Elsie is an entomologist (works with invertebrates), and her creative pursuit is designing artworks with real beetles and butterflies. The stunning natural carapace colours of the beetles in this work are referenced in the other artworks.

Beetles, framed.

Banana Blossom - A favourite artist of mine is seventeenth century naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian. Her artworks are magical illustrations of flora, beetles, butterflies and other insects. One particular favourite of hers is a banana flower illustration. This inspired this artwork.

Oil on raw linen canvas.

Lepidoptera – This artwork depicts another butterfly specimen on loan from Elsie. Lepidoptera is the scientific name for the order of butterflies and moths.

Chalk watercolour on fine art watercolour paper, acrylic floating frame.

Musa and the Stag - Musa is the genus of bananas, and I have painted a green stag beetle onto the vintage print ‘Musa’ by 18th Century botanical artist Christoph Trewn.

Acrylic on vintage print, contemporary frame.


  • *Artworks are available as an entire collection (all 7 artworks), or priced individually. Where individual artworks are purchased, the entire collection will no longer be available, but the remaining pieces may still be purchased together.

  • Please contact Penny at for alternate pricing if a smaller subset of the collection is of interest.
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  • All artworks are original and signed by artist Penny Brooshooft
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  • Acrylic is much safer than glass as it is less prone to breakage, and it is also lighter than traditional glass. Because it is acrylic, it can easily scratch and requires special care when cleaning and handling. If cleaning, only use a lint-free microfiber cloth. Avoid using glass cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol, as this can damage the artwork.