Wedding Keepsakes

Perth Brides! Preserve Your Wedding Memories in Bloom: From Bouquet to  a Memorable Keepsake



Turn your wedding bouquet into a timeless artistic keepsake with a framed artwork. If you're a Perth bride wondering what to do with your wedding bouquet, I offer a unique and beautiful solution: framed bouquet preservation. I understand the sentimental value your bouquet holds, and I'm passionate about not letting those flowers go to waste while helping you preserve the magic of your memories from your day!

Here's how it works

Expert Care ~ I carefully press and dry each individual flower from your bouquet, preserving their delicate beauty.

Personalised Design ~ I design a contemporary flat-lay arrangement that captures the beauty of each of your blooms. You can choose the perfect frame to complement your décor.

Artist Quality ~ I use only the finest artist and museum grade materials and techniques to ensure your bouquet artwork remains preserved and cherished for years to come.

Why Choose To Framed Your Bouquet?

More than just a framed bouquet, create a timeless keepsake ~ Imagine seeing your cherished wedding flowers every day, elegantly showcased on your wall, reminding you of the joy, love, and commitment you shared on your special day.

A stunning conversation starter ~ Show off your beautiful artwork and share your love story with guests.

A unique and thoughtful wedding gift for Perth brides ~ Stand out with a gift that's truly sentimental and personalised. A framed bouquet is the perfect way for bridesmaids, family, or friends to show their love and appreciation for your favourite couple!

Customisable framed pieces ~ Choose a frame that perfectly matches your style and home decor. I offer a range of colors to suit every taste, and customise the size of the artwork to suit the size of your bouquet.

Locally owned and operated in Perth ~ I'm proud to serve the Perth wedding community and offer a personalised touch to every project.

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