Fabric Collage

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Original Handmade Artwork

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Chateau Gardens - Collection 002

Inspired by bountiful blooms in gardens and windowsills of quaint French villages, candy coloured bouquets and the tactile qualities of fabric.

Transport yourself to a whimsical destination somewhere in France, where you eat a croissant while you stop to smell the blooms at a corner store, then marvel at the brilliant red of geraniums lining the streets. 'Chateau Gardens' brings these feels to your home everyday!

Artwork Details

“Fabric Collage” - I explore reuse and recycling in this work. The structure of this piece is provided by a sheet of reclaimed polystyrene, while the fabric had a previous life as a pair of pants. The geometric shapes are intended to provide modern relief to the floral works. I picked up on some of the colours in the other works; the green in the orchid buds; the mustard in the rose centres; the magenta of the orchid blooms; the beige of the raw linen; the pinks and reds of the roses and geraniums.

Recycled materials; reclaimed polystyrene, paper and fabric, acrylic. Artwork dimensions 510x510mm.


  • *Artworks are also available as an entire collection (all 3 artworks), see here.

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