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Ready-to-Hang Gallery Wall

Available as an entire collection or as individual artworks*

Sienna Terre - Collection 005

Gratitude for earth, the contrast of raw earth colours against vibrant and pastel hues, softness against rough natural fibres, contemporary against vintage.

Grounding and earthy, Sienna Terre brings the outside in to the contemporary home.

Artwork Details

Clockwise from top left.

1 “Ochre Prints” - The inspiration for this piece was an artwork by Jai Vasicek titled 'Yellow Flower'. I loved the yellow ochre with striking white detailing on top. I made a stamp and pressed this into the watercolour paper. This work is quite graphic and minimal which works to contrast with the other representational works in the collection.

Chalk acrylic on watercolour paper; contemporary raw wood frame, acrylic glazing. Framed artwork dimensions 430x485mm.

2 “Terre Palms” - I've always had an obsession with old walls, chipped paint and antique objects - I think ageing adds character. This piece is inspired by the character of old walls, somewhere in the world, that would tell a thousand stories if they could speak. I have layered and taken away paint to reveal colours underneath. Subtle peaks of lilac are seen - these colours reference back to my Pastel Clouds artwork in the collection.

Mixed media and oil on stretched canvas. Artwork dimensions 305x305mm.

3 “Blue Posy” - Minimal and simple, this piece captures the essence of a floral posy in a vase through a simple line drawing. I chose a simple palette of blue on white to link in with the blue flowers painted in Earth Bouquet.

Acryclic on board, upcycled frame. Framed artwork dimension 275x365mm.

4 “Pom Pom Reflection” - I wanted to bring a natural and soft element to this collection, and also contrast the square and rectangular shapes with a more organic, round object; so I used roped raffia and made pom poms to make a mirror.

Raffia, wool, mirror. 300mm round.

5 “Earth Bouquet” - I was inspired by earthy, sienna floral tones in this piece. I love the the richness of the sienna colour with pops of blue/lilac, I think the colours really complement each other.

Oil on raw linen stretched canvas. Unframed, artwork dimensions 355x455mm.

6 “Sienna” - This artwork explores sculptural form and colour. I used the vintage framed to develop the concept for this piece - I love the clash of antique with contemporary. The frame has subtle sienna hues, so I picked up on this detail through the use of a custom made matte sienna paint. I have built layers to add depth to the piece, as cast by the shadows.

Mixed media on board; vintage frame. Framed artwork dimension 640x535mm.

7 “Pastel Clouds” - This artwork explores reuse and recycling. It is constructed from reclaimed polystyrene, recycled paper and recycled fabric. I have used a soft lilac to complement the sienna tones of the other artworks, and pick up on the lilac undertones of Terre Palms.

Recycled materials, oil. Artwork dimensions 305x290mm.


  • *Artworks are available as an entire collection (all 7 artworks), or priced individually. Where individual artworks are purchased, the entire collection will no longer be available, but the remaining pieces may still be purchased together.

  • Please contact Penny at for alternate pricing if a smaller subset of the collection is of interest.
  • All artworks are original and signed by artist Penny Brooshooft.
  • All artworks are ready to hang.
  • Acrylic glazing is much safer than glass as it is less prone to breakage, and it is also lighter than traditional glass. Because it is acrylic, it can easily scratch and requires special care when cleaning and handling. If cleaning, only use a lint-free microfiber cloth. Avoid using glass cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol, as this can damage the artwork.