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Pink Bits - Collection 013

Inspired by the colour Pink! I always seem to paint my collections with a little bit (or a lot) of pink in each work, so this collection is ALL about pink.

Artwork Details

Clockwise from top left.

Coral – Texture, but also simplicity. The texture draws inspiration from Bram Bogart's ideas of paint as physical matter. The medium has been left thick and textured on the edges, however is comparatively flat in the centre of the canvas, with two interjecting textured lines to break up the composition.

Mixed media on stretched canvas. Dimensions 200x200mm.

Rose – Created from 100% recycled materials, the base of this work is reclaimed polystyrene with recycled paper machè; the 'canvas' base is a recycled canvas bag. This work explores texture through its form; it uses the uneven textures of the recycled materials to show through the painted surface.

Reclaimed polystyrene, recycled paper, recycled fabric. Dimensions 275x220mm.

Cherry - Texture, but in an extreme way. The material stands in 3D relief from the canvas, and is densely pigmented with a matte colour. This work uses the texture to create shadow and interest.

Mixed media on stretched canvas. Dimensions 150x150mm.

Peach – I had some leftover texture medium which used on this little recycled frame I had lying around. The result was an unintentional abstract 'face'. I wanted to make the frame part of this work, so I painted the whole piece this neon peach colour.

Mixed media on board. Framed dimensions 170x220mm.

Bubblegum – This piece is also made from 100% recycled materials. It takes inspiration from the idea of wabi-sabi - finding beauty in imperfection. The materials used do not allow for perfection, instead the imperfections in the materials guide the work. The abstract pink and red painted surface reminds me of bubblegum.

Reclaimed polystyrene, recycled paper, recycled fabric. Dimensions 270x220mm.

Crimson - Another work made from 100% recycled materials. The recycled fabric surface was once a pair of pants. You can see the hem along the left edge, as well as a sewn seam running horizontally through the work. The painted surface I used as a palette from which I painted "Bubblegum" and "Rose" - the brush marks and colours are left as they were used.

Reclaimed polystyrene, recycled paper, recycled fabric. Dimensions 245x355mm.

Fuschia - This work was also the result of having some leftover texture medium. I also had this secondhand frame - I decided to make the frame part of the work and bring the texture across both surfaces. The abstract texture is contrasted with the relative smoothness of flat painted surface.

Mixed media, acrylic. Framed dimensions 200x200mm.

Baby - Using a coloured texture medium to create three-dimensional presence, this work draws the viewer in with a desire to touch.

Mixed media on stretched canvas. Dimensions 150x150mm.

Candy (centre) - I bought a dress that came wrapped in this neon pink and white striped tissue paper. I loved the vibrant pattern and wanted to use it I paper machéd this vintage frame to create this crazy candy striped colourful artwork. For the abstract inside the frame I used a texture medium to create tactile peaks and troughs of neon pink and white.

Acrylic, paper maché, vintage frame. Framed dimensions 400x300mm.


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