Pink & Green Palette Vase

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About - Mosaic Palette Vase

Features a repurposed painters palette of pink and green hues.

The concept for the Palette Vases was to reuse my old painters palettes, and give a new life to an existing ceramic object. Intentional mixing of colour with unintentional placement, and curious textural brushstrokes are left behind on each palette.

These palettes are left to dry and are encased in resin, then hand cut into individual tiles. Each tile takes on its own life form as a tiny painting, offering a connection to the origins of an entirely separate artwork, while still functioning as a stand alone piece of art.


Size - 150mm high, 85mm internal diameter.

Interior – Ceramic.

Care - Interior waterproof, exterior water resistant. Spot clean only.

  • Shipping is free in Australia.
  • This piece is one of a kind made by artist Penny Brooshooft.
  • Preserved flowers are not included.