Frutta Bananas

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About - Fine Art Print Frutta Bananas

This print is a professional reproduction of the digital print Frutta Bananas.

Using the banana motif from my 'Frutta Martini' original artwork, I created this artwork digitally.

- Penny Brooshooft, Artist.


All prints are printed with archival quality inks that are rated to last well over 100 years as long as they are protected under UV rated glazing and are displayed out of direct sunlight.

Prints are open edition. Each print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Penny. Prints are made to order and are shipped within 10 working days from receipt of order. Please take this into consideration when ordering your print.

Prints are available in:

Textured Silk paper - a subtly textured fine art paper created from cotton and cellulose. 270gsm, 25% cotton fibre, 75% coellulose, acid free, white.

lford Galerie Fine Art Textured Silk is subtly textured with an even, non uniform spread and is almost smooth to the touch. Ilford Fine Art Textured Silk has a lovely warm white tone and is an excellent choice for all fine art printing, photography and studio portraiture.
  • Textured Silk paper prints are sold unframed.
  • Textured Silk paper prints include an additional 10-20mm of white border around the artwork (depending on artwork size) to allow for framing.