Bunch of Cosmos

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Handmade Paper Flowers!

These beautiful and realistic-looking Cosmos are made from high-quality 90g fine Italian crepe paper.

Each flower is carefully handcrafted and made to order, ensuring that each one is unique and special.

The paper is hand dyed and each petal is subtly hand painted to mimic the natural colour variation of Cosmos petals.

Seven Cosmos are included.

Each bunch of Cosmos is handmade with love in Australia by Julie from Petite Blossoms.


  • Shipping is free within Australia.
  • For international shipping estimates, Please contact Penny at hello@eclette.com.au.
  • Colours included are 1 x white, 1 x light pink, 1 x pink, 1 x hot pink, 1 x light purple, 1 x purple and 1 x red. If you would like a bunch of seven cosmos in a single colour, or a different colour assortment, please write in your order notes.
  • Dimensions of individual flowers: ~33cm height x ~8cm x ~8cm (dimensions may vary slightly as each flower is handmade)
  • Cosmos are made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be made and sent. Orders are sent directly from Julies studio.