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Botti Shelli - Collection 012

Inspired by Sando Botticelli's Birth of Venus painting and historic Italian Renaissance grottoes.

Artwork Details

Clockwise from top left.

Shelli – The shell motif is a central aspect of the original work, so my take on it in this work is a repeating shell pattern in a vibrant neon orange – a colour that is referenced in the shell mirror and hinted at in “Falling Rose”.

Mixed media on stretched canvas. Dimensions 305x305mm.

Grotto Mirror – Inspired by ancient Italian grottoes found in Renaissance gardens, encrusted with seashells. The seashell motif is repeated in this piece, but on a more elaborate and obvious scale. This piece brings three-dimensionality and interest to the collection.

Shells, mirror 350x350mm.

Falling Rose - If you look at Birth of Venus, you will see in the background roses blowing in the wind, on a pale blue sky and green ocean. “Falling Rose” is my own take on this; I stained the linen background transparent blue, so the linen fibres can still be seen – linen is the canvas of choice that would have been used in the early paintings. The rose is painted brightly to bring a modern twist, but I have used gold leaf to mimic the very tiny yellow details in the roses painted by Botticelli.

Oil on raw linen canvas. Dimensions 305x405mm.

Daisies in Shell Vase – A closer look at the cloak held by the young woman in Birth of Venus reveals that it is covered in tiny white flowers. I have brought these flowers to the forefront in this work, and depicted them in a vase shaped as a shell – another repeating motif. The green background links to the soft green of “Venus” and the blue pattern links to “Florentia".

Oil on stretched canvas. Dimensions 405x405mm.

Venus – My take on the depiction of Venus, the Goddess of Love. I have painted this work on a textured surface, to give an aged, worn feel reminiscent of centuries past. I designed this work for the vintage frame, which has shell-like detailing in the moulding, which is also chipped and aged.

Mixed media, oil, vintage frame. Framed dimensions 440x600mm.

Florentia - The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli inspired this whole collection. Florence, or Florentia, is the birthplace of Sandro Botticelli, so this piece is a nod to this great Renaissance painter. The floral motif depicted here is a simplified interpretation of the flowers on the dress of the young woman in Birth of Venus. ‘Fiore de amore’ means the ‘flower of love’, which is fitting to sit next to the Goddess of Love, Venus.

Chalk acrylic on fine art watercolour paper, acrylic floating frame. Framed dimensions 350x450mm.


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  • Acrylic glazing is much safer than glass as it is less prone to breakage, and it is also lighter than traditional glass. Because it is acrylic, it can easily scratch and requires special care when cleaning and handling. If cleaning, only use a lint-free microfiber cloth. Avoid using glass cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol, as this can damage the artwork.