Original Artwork - Peony Series

Red Peony Painting Local Art Perth Pink Jitterbug Peony Original Painting Coral Charm Peony Original Painting Perth
Original Wall Art Pink Peony Painting Original Painting Peter Brand Peony White Peony Painting Original Art
Original Painting Garden Treasure Yellow Peony Original Art Duchess Peony Painting Original Painting Pink Peony

My love affair with peonies...

Peonies are what got me back into painting. I had packed away all of my paints and brushes for years while I started my career after university. But whenever I saw a picture of a peony, I had an urge to paint it! The range of colours and forms spoke to me, and before long I started unpacking my art supplies and dedicated time to being creative. I think this is what reignited my creativity again - for me it was part meditation, part compulsion, but ultimately part of myself that I couldn't ignore any longer!

All of these works were painted with acrylic on watercolour paper during 2016-17.