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My first mural...

First, and only so far! I completed this mural in 2018, over an entire month. It was painted on an external rendered wall with exterior house paints. The brief was a floral design that complemented the unusual shape of the wall. The concept was based on the painting by dutch master Jan Davidsz de Heem Still Life with Flowers in a Glass Vase (1650-1683). My version had a few tweaks to the original - a camellia was added to the top left, an Australian waratah was added to the top right, and the colours of the tulip were substituted with a purple palette.

When I started working on the mural, I was using large paintbrushes, but I found I wasn't able to get the detail that I wanted - so I ended up painting the whole work with small brushes! Despite the length of time it took to create, it is still the work I am most proud of.