Pink Geranium Planter

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About - Mosaic Flower Vase

Featuring pink and red geraniums from my garden preserved in resin, made into tiles and arranged in a mosaic pattern on a contemporary organic white planter.

The concept for this flower planter was to utilise dried flowers, and give a new life to an existing ceramic object. I collect flowers wherever I go, and press and preserve them. I then encase the flowers in resin, which is then hand cut into individual tiles.

Each tile takes on its own life form as a tiny floral abstract, showing delicate features including stamens and petals.


Size - 185mm high, 130mm internal diameter.

Interior - Ceramic.

Care - Interior waterproof, exterior water resistant. Spot clean only.

  • Shipping is free in Australia.
  • This piece is one of a kind made by artist Penny Brooshooft.
  • Plant is not included.